Frosted Window Film Adelaide



Made from space age flexible polymer, Obscure View Frosted Window Films are, in the skilled hands of our window film team, relatively easy to apply to a variety of glass windows, transforming ordinary glass windows into beautiful, decorative frosted glass creations.

Affordable, available in a selection of opacity grades and matte densities, and resistant to the elements thanks to its 3M polymer adhesive composition, our frosted window films can be ordered in etched, sand-blasted and decorative glass varieties.

Frosted Glass. Great for Bathrooms & more!

Guard your privacy with Frosted Window Film

More often than not, what you assume to be a frosted glass pane is in fact, an ordinary glass pane coated with  3M™ Fasara™ glass finishes. The result very much appears like cut or textured glass, but at a fraction of the price!

Traditionally associated with bathroom door glass, you’ll find frosted glass in a host of settings including in office conference rooms, waiting rooms and within working spaces via decorative frosted glass cubicle partitions. 

Ultra Stainless Security
Ultra Stainless Security Screens

A Variety of Frosted Glass Options

Tailor your privacy without sacrificing natural light

In addition to a striking visual effect, 3M Fasara Frosted Window Film holds glass fragments in place in the event of accidental breakage – while reducing UV radiation by up to 99%.

Our frosted window films come in more than 50 different designs, with different light transmission and reflection characteristics.

These frosted windown films are available in patterns with different levels of frost or matt density, opacity and translucency, allowing various degrees of privacy.


Beautiful, secure and available in a variety of shades and transparency, 3M’s Fasara Frosted Window Film transforms glass windows. Discover Fasara Glass at Stan Bond, Adelaide’s leading frosted window glass provider.

3M Fasara Frosted Glass Window Film

Professional service and a great product. Staff is so polite everything went very smooth and looks fantastic, highly recommended.

Christine Martin

Frequently Asked Questions About our Frosted Glass Products

Can you see through Frosted Window Film?

It’s always possible to see through one side of reflective or mirrored window film. Depending on the opacity and translucency of the window film you may see on both sides. The ambiant light will also play a significant role.

Consult your Stan Bond window film expert to discuss the window film that best suits your needs.

Will frosted window film work at night?

Yes, but only if you choose a completely opaque window film. Under those circumstances, without the presence of light outside, you will not see through the window glass from either direction.

Can you remove frosted window film?

Yes. Simply contact Stan Bond to obtain guidance on the best method to remove it so as not to damage the glass surface.