Anti Grafitti Film Adelaide



Foil graffiti taggers and vandals wanting to scratch and permanently damage your windows with Anti Graffiti Window Film from Stan Bond.

Stan Bond’s 3M Anti-Graffiti Window Film is an optically clear, distortion-free film for the protection of windows, graphics, mirrors, and other surfaces in retail and public facilities, and of any street-level glass applications. It provides the smartest way to protect your glass and other surfaces from graffiti, glass scratching and gouging marks.

Drop in for a chat at our Adelaide showroom to see how we can help you keep your home or retail shop beautiful. Your home is your castle. Protect it with Stan Bond’s Anti Graffiti Window Film.

Graffiti? Simply Replace the Window Film!


Protect your windows with Stan Bond’s Anti-Graffiti Window Film. Manufactured by 3M using the latest adhesives, the window film can easily be installed and replaced as needed – at a fraction of the cost of replacing glass window panes!

Stan Bond Adelaide is a certified 3M dealer, with 3M Licensed Installers, so you can trust you’re getting the genuine 3M product, not an inferior alternative.

To learn more about the 3M Window Film range visit us at our Campbelltown showroom at 5/511 Lower North East Road, Campbelltown SA. Or call us on (08) 8336 2066 to organise a meeting with one of our window film consultants.

Ultra Stainless Security
Stan Bond Anti Graffiti Window Film by 3M

Built in Sun Protection

3M Safety and Security Film can be tinted

As an added bonus, your 3M Safety and Security Window Film comes in standard clear and tinted options to protect you from the sun’s glare. Both film options are designed to hold glass fragments together following external impacts to windows in case of catastrophic impacts giving your glass that extra bit of protection, all the while giving you protection from the sun’s harsh glare.

3M Security film has better performance than Safety Film and can be thinner because it utilises micro-layered technology. The micro-layered film differs from conventional films by using up to 42 of layers of material in the same thickness as one layer of a conventional film. Micro-layered films alternate between a ‘stiff’ layer and a ‘gummy’ layer, in order to obtain added performance. The alternating layers not only add strength to the window, they add tear resistance to the film, giving additional safety and security to the window.

3M Anti-Graffiti Film

Exterior protection for your shopfront, available in two thicknesses, resistant to gouging, acid etching and abrasion. 

Protect your property with Anti-Graffiti Window Film from Stan Bond Adelaide.

Stan Bond Anti Graffiti Window Film by 3M

Professional service and a great product. Staff is so polite everything went very smooth and looks fantastic, highly recommended.

Christine Martin

Frequently Asked Questions our 3M Window Film

How does Anti-Graffiti Window Film work?

The window film is applied onto the window’s glass surface. The Anti-Graffiti Window Film adhesive coating binds the film to the glass. 

Should a window be tagged or vandalised, simply remove the window film and apply a new one.

How do you remove Anti Graffiti Window Film?

Leave it to the experts at Stan Bond. Simply inform us and we’ll take note of your window film’s specifications and replace it with a new one for a minimal call-out fee.