Fire Attenuation Screens Adelaide



Protect your home or business from floating embers with Stan Bond’s very best fire attenuation window screens. Custom designed to match your windows, our fire attenuation screens reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux by up to 27% over two hours (based on incident energy of 80kW per square metre), and a massive 43% based on incident energy of 40kW per square metre.

Get the protection your home deserves with Stan Bond’s fire attenuation screens Adelaide.

The Highest Standards of Fire Protection

The Safest Fire Attenuation Window Screens

Our Fire Attenuation Window Screens are tested by the CSIRO using a broad spectrum radiometer for incident heat flux and transmitted heat.

Stan Bond’s Fire Attenuation Screens abide by Australian standard AS 3959-2009 for the construction of buildings in bushfire-prone areas.

If you’re wanting to comply with strict Australian standards and comply with all requirements of the Building Code of Australia, choose Stan Bond’s Fire Attenuation Window Screens – Adelaide’s finest window screens.

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The Best Protection
Can Actually Save You Money! 


You want the best quality, require maximum protection and it needs to look great. That doesn’t mean it needs to cost the earth. In fact by choosing Ultra Fire Attenuation Security for your family or business, you not only receive greater flexibility of design, it can actually save you money.

The installation of Ultra Fire Attenuation Security reduces heat flux, which may eliminate the requirement for drench boxes to be installed above window openings.

Where Ultra Fire Attenuation Security is not deemed to be sufficient on its own, it can be used in conjunction with drench boxes increasing the attenuation properties by a considerable margin.


Stan Bond is Adelaide’s premier security door and window provider. If you’re after fire attenuation window screens, you’ve come to the right place. Trust Stan Bond to outfit your home with the very best window screens on the market. Visit us in store to view our full range of fire attenuation and security window screens.

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Fire Attenuation Screens

Will Fire Attenuation Screens stop my house from burning in case of a bushfire?

The provision of a metallic mesh screen will prevent airborne brands/embers from freely passing through an open window. The mesh has also been tested to intercept a proportion of radiant heat; reflecting, absorbing and scattering it. The of the screens is ultimately to mitigate the risk of fire spread, but no screen can fully protect your home from severe fire conditions.

Do Fire Attenuation screens reduce the radiant heat of a fire?

Yes. Fire Attenuation Screens reduce the intensity of radiant heat flux and naked flame by up to 45%.

Can I escape out of a Fire Attenuation Screen?

Stan Bond’s Fire Attenuation Screens allow you to escape during an emergency. They are designed to unlock and open from inside.